Water Released from Moon - Water On Moon

The Meteoroid Strikes Eject Precious Water From Moon!

Water on the moon, Image Source: NASA 

Years ago during the initial exploration of the moon and the analysis of all the returned samples from the Apollo and the Lunar missions, the researchers and the scientists thought that the surface of the moon was dry. and recently missions like Lunar Prospector, LCROSS, and Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, shows that the surface of the moon has the global hydration and there are also high concentrations of ice water available in the shadowed regions of the lunar poles.

image source: NASA

The first definitive detection of water on the moon was on 2008 by the Indian mission Chandrayaan-1, which detected hydroxyl molecules spread across the lunar surface, then after some other missions like LCROSS, and data from LADEE then the researchers discovered that the surface releases its water when the moon is bombarded by micrometeoroids. This is especially noticeable during meteor showers. and they also found the surface that's releasing the water is being protected by a layer, a few centimeters of dry soil that can only be breached by large micrometeoroids. and most of the water which comes out from soil is released into space and that's detected by ladee,

And on the moon, these micrometeoroids impact the surface, releasing water at the same time that meteor showers are occurring on Earth. and the meteor shower is created when the earth passes through the leftover debris trail of a comet, small particles of rock and dust burn up in our atmosphere which creates a meteor shower.

And As per the LADEE's observation, the water on the moon is available likely to be - show that three inches of dry lunar soil is a wet layer ten feet deep,  and The concentration of water in the wet layer is about 200-500 part per million per weight.

Thanks to all these missions and the LADEE's observation the humans now know the amounts of water are widely distributed across the lunar surface, "the water is available on the moon". There’s evidence that the Moon has water (H2O) and hydroxyl (OH), a more reactive relative of H2O. The shock waves caused by meteor shower can breach the soil's dry upper layer and release water molecules from a hydrated layer below.

Source:- NASA

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