HTC U12+ Leaked Photos Show Final Design Intresting

HTC is one of the well-known popular brands in Smartphone industry, for now the upcoming smartphone maybe HTC u12 plus leaks and rumors are rolling over internet.

HTC Smartphone

So as per the new reports HTC u12 Plus is going to have a rear camera setup but not similar to these days smartphones because maybe as per the latest leaked images of this is smartphone as we see now that you're camera setup which we see in the leaked images is horizontal and then after that there's a LED flash and below the LED flash there's a fingerprint scanner that clearly means that this upcoming smartphone is going to have a fingerprint scanner on the back side of the smart phones and in case of the looks and design as per the leaves images it looks pretty cool and there is are there maybe the design will be a metallic  with combination of maybe glass or something else as like the flagship category smartphone looks and design and are premium. And as per the leaked images there is no iPhone 10 like notch design in front of this  smartphone so let's see in future what's next from HTC Smartphones.

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