Nokia N9 Coming Soon Really ?

The N series smartphones are Nokia's one of the popular lineup for the mobile category in the old days its like old school phone,

Source :- (Android Headlines)

So there are some leaks reports coming in relation to the launch of the brand new upcoming Nokia N9 smartphone because some reports suggest that hmd Global is said to be hosting an event in China on May 2nd 2018, and guys there's still a catch there is no clear information about that which Nokia and phone will be revealed in china or is there something else which is launch by Nokia.

And if we look at the history of Nokia N9 basically which watch first introduced in Pak 2011 with the running operating system of meego 1.2 harmattan and there are some leaks and reports maybe we could see our new Nokia N9 smartphone running on android operating system which looks pretty cool. But there is no official confirmation related to this is smartphone so let's see what's next we got from Nokia's side.

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