Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Have A Top Rating Camera

Samsung galaxy S9 plus have a better camera!!!!

Samsung recently launched its brand new flagship smartphones called Samsung Galaxy S9 and Samsung Galaxy S9 plus in MWC 2018.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Camera

Samsung Galaxy S9 plus carries a dual rear camera setup which also provides a good quality and reimagined camera experience as per some reports. And as per the reputed camera review website DXomark Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus is able to achieve the overall score of 99, after that now the Galaxy S9 Plus is the number one smartphone with highest rating smartphone under the DXOMARK rating system. Basically the Galaxy S9 plus creates a new record,this smartphone also defeat the iphone x and samsung galaxy note 8, at the point of testing day observed that the Galaxy S9 Plus be able to capture photos in bright and suny conditions. And as per some reports the smartSmart ranks higher than the google pixel 2 in terms of 📷 camera. And we still didn't tested anything like this but all these related to information as per the reports and sources.

As we know also the pixel 2 smartphone camera is one of the populer camera smartphone in mobile field.

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