Free Reliance Jio Prime Membership Extended For One Year

Today Reliance Jio make it's another big announcement related to Reliance jio Prime membership for which the customers are waiting for a long time for what's going on with their Prime membership on 31st March 2018 but the all things are solved right now as from the various type of reports which are coming in relation to latest update on jio Prime membership.


As per the latest update reports and news all the jio Prime member or the existing Prime member user of prime membership users are going to get a free one year extension in Prime membership that clearly means that the existing or old members which are under the Reliance jio Prime membership which is previously launch and for now for the new year of 2019 the new Prime membership is available to all those old and existing members or users of customers of Reliance jio Prime membership are going to get the new extension for free for 1 year.and as per some other reports there are may be some more new offers are add in this membership offer for the users.

The old and existing Prime member users now Get the new Prime membership till 2019 for free. they don't have to pay for this.

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And for the new upcoming uses which are going to be join the prime membership offer are going to pay or they have to pay just 99 rupees for getting enrolled in the new Prime membership which is issued by basically Reliance jio.

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These all are the reports which are rolling over the internet right now and fluctuating over the internet right now related to Reliance jio Prime membership offer or if you are looking for what's going on after the 31st March with their own Reliance jio Prime membership offer or whether they buy at any certain time near to the 31st March of 2018 so what's going on with their new Prime membership offer so all the questions are answered above in this post we hope you like this post so please don't forget to share this post with your friends and family and make sure to watch this video which is below this post thank you guys have a nice day.

New Jio Prime Free For Old Users For 1 Year

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