Free Internet In Hoshangabad

Get free wifi in Hoshangabad (m.p)

There is various type of places in Madhya Pradesh where you can get free wifi or public wifi internet but in small towns or any town or city which is not a metro or any tier 1 city then its really hard to get any proper or good internet connectivity.

But nowadays the internet is growing daily and internet users are increasing continuously and there's more need of public wifi locations in any city whether its public or private wifi network.

Now you can get free internet service like other big cities to have some free internet access points. As like other big cities, Hoshangabad have also free wifi internet support which is basically not at more public places but its available at Hoshangabad railway station in which everyone can enjoy free internet which is provided by government or Indian railways which is good for growing the digital India motive,

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The free internet at hoshangabad railway station is provided by RailWire internet services which are basically provided to all users at free of cost and the railwire free internet is also available at various railway stations in India.

And there is also free internet services provided by Google to help the development of project digital India in various railway stations as in the form of Google project "Google Station - fast wifi for everyone". 

You can easily get the free internet access or free wifi access in Hoshangabad railway station and we think its also free internet place or free wifi location in hoshangabad city.

How to start free internet 

Steps to get free internet or free wifi connection.

  1. Start the wifi of the smartphone.
  2. Find the wifi hotspot name as railwire wifi,
  3. Then click on it,
  4. It shows connecting then connected,
  5. There's a pop up about register mobile no.
  6. Register your mobile no. To get otp,
  7. Insert the otp,
  8. Click connect then it will take some time to get connected,
  9. now you are connected to free wifi.

And after connecting to free wifi internet of railwire we tested the speed in TRAI App for internet speed test it gives the result as 1.2 Mbps download speed and 1.31 Mbps upload speed and we also try to play Youtube videos this free internet performs very well we are able to play videos online without any buffer at decent quality and the internet speed may vary for other.

So, this is the way by which you can get free internet in Hoshangabad or free wifi access in hoshangabad city.

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