What's New In MIUI Latest Update


As we all know MIUI is one of the popular ROM for the Android devices and also popular in the fields of developers and customers and this is one of the popular rom which is basically used on redmi devices or we call it is all the xiaomi devices in which there is various type of updates regularly given by the xiaomi to its consumers or customers for the better experience of the smartphone hardware and software.

Whats New In MIUI Update ?

Currently the Company (MI) role out its brand new ROM update To all its devices and we get this update on redmi Note 4 device. Various type of changes which we found in our device after updating it to MIUI version which is running on Android nougat operating system. Still we didn't get any update of Android Oreo in the redmi note 4 device which we are using currently for this tutorial we got on the base operating system of nougat.

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There are various type of changes which we see in the MI UI 9. 2.1.0 in the smartphone redmi Note 4 or like some animation changes of the icon image on Apps icon and there are various type of changes occur at the home display regarding to swipe the home screen from left to right. And many more .

Some key new changes in miui are :-

(1.) If you swipe right from home screen then there is some new menu added which looks preety cool and similar to some other smartphones ui.
Like the above image the menu is looks similar to this in which there are some predefined features or options like

  1. Search tab - for searching anything under the google search . 
  2. Than after this there is a shortcut menu in which we se some apps like cleaner,add event,add events,pay with paytm,mi drop,and you can add other apps also.
  3. Then after these options there is direct ola cab.
  4. Then after that 🏏 cricket information tab,
  5. Then there is also customize option. 
(2.)  There is also some changes we see in file manager the mi file manager, 

(3.) There are also some animation on apps icons like if any application is closed by pressing back button there is an cool animation comes into force. And also some more apps are added under these type of animation category like whatssap, uc browser,etc...

(4.) There are some positions under the settings are also changed like about phone is now at the top positions instead of bottom at its previous version,

(5.) There is we see the new look of installed apps section in which there is more clearity about the installed apps like as :-
  • First there is search ,
  • Then after that there is three options which is app lock , dual apps, and permissions, 
  • Then there is the list of installed apps which is also sorted manually if required,
  • There are also some more graphics and looks changes which we see which is different from the previous version in relation to the informational list of installed apps, 
(6.) There is also mi video app is sepretly added for the collection of videos,

(7.) And as per the update says there is more improved stablity and optimised system performance. And also which we clearly notice and after updating to the new miui our battery charging status problem was also solved in which the charging stuck at 89% now our redmi note 4 is charged sucessfully without any issues.


Final thoughts about latest version of MIUI 9

So, guys these all are the informations which we have after testing the redmi note 4 in the new MIUI version in which we think the bugs are removed by the Xiaomi and its developers. Which we see our redmi note 4 battery stuck problem while charging is clearly solved in this new version of miui, and there are also various type of UI animations and new features are also added for the flexibility and improving the experience of customers by xiaomi. And we hope this will help you and please guys don't forget to follow us on our social media and our website or stay get updated from latest technology news rumours and updates also.

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