Lunar Eclipse when and where to watch super blue blood moon

Super Blue Blood Moon

Today is the amazing day for every one to get an opportunity to watch a rare calestial phenomenon which will occur today as " Super Blue Blood Moon " 🌒 , and also today is the first lunar eclipse of 2018 which is quite intresting. 

Blood Moon 

Now if you are thinking that what is a blood moon so here's the answer is that the blood moon basically refers to a moment in which the during a eclipse when a moon appears to be in reddish or red colour.

Why Super Blue Blood Moon ??

At the time of lunar eclipse the rare phenomenon going to happen called "super blue blood moon","super moon", " blue moon" etc. Generally at the time of lunar eclipse the position of the planet and the sun with moon also is changed in a different position like first sun then earth and then moon 🌒, then at the time of lunar eclipse the rays of sun is blocked by earth to touch the moon this time is also called total lunar eclipse or in hindi ( chandra grahan or चंद्र ग्रहण) , then due to this the moon at this time or moment the moon comes behind the shadow of earth due to this event the colour of moon becomes reddish or looks like red or Blood color.

When and where to watch lunar eclipse or super blue blood moon

This total lunar eclipse or the rare calestial phenomenon were visible to various places in the world and if you live in western part of united states and eastern part of asia and australia then its more visible at these places clearly in comparison to other places and as per some reports the Australia is one of the best place to see this rare calestial phenomenon or super blue blood moon.

And the time of starting of lunar eclips is may be 5:18 pm indian standard time and the total linar eclipse about to at 6:20 pm IST and its end at near 7:37 pm IST. And if you live in US or New York the its starts from 5:50 am and in Australia its started near 9:51 pm and in china started likely to be 6:00 pm etc... And all these are the expected timings, the timing s may differ from states to states as well as countries to countries.

How To See The Super Blood Moon ??

As per the reports there is no need to get any special device to see the blood moon or reddish colour moon you just need to look at the sky to see this mesmerizing event thats it. And the whole risk is up to you and if there any problem to look at sky please try to contact any professional for this concern but this event is also have visibility to look normally at sky. And if you live in Australia then you have more better opportunity instead of other to look at or to see this rare "super blue blood moon" event.

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