Jio Summer Suprise Offer & Rs 303 Plan

Jio’s summer surprise offer is giving free data & calling for three months to those recharging with Rs 303 or above.

Reliance Jio new offer what about those Customers who recharged for Rs. 149

I am sure many of you are already aware that Reliance Jio has extended their prime membership enrollment up to 15th April plus they have also extended the free 4G services for another 3 month on minimum recharge for 303. So what happens to those who recharged before and specially for those who recharged for Rs. 149.

Free Services Of Reliance Jio

But that is not end of free service:- Now, if you woke up today and looking, thinking that your Jio SIM for which you have not subscribed to any plan and for which you have also not taken Jio Prime membership will not be working, you are wrong. Go check it. It is still working. You can still leech all the movies you wanted to do using it. You can still browse the web. The reason is that Jio is giving a grace period of 15 days for Jio users who are yet to subscribe to its plans.

Now Its Time To Reveal How You Get Benefits Of JIO Summer Surprise offer

You need to get Reliance Jio Prime membership for Rs. 99 – that is a onetime fee. After that you can select from any plan. Reliance announced a new plan yesterday, in simple words customers who did not enroll for prime membership can do that and get 303 Rs. plan (or above – minimum 303 needed) so it is Rs. 99 + Rs. 303 and continue enjoying the free 4G / services as they are doing for another 3 months.
Those who did not enroll for prime membership they can do so before 15th April. All that they need to do is get Rs. 99 + Rs. 303 (or above plan) and continue using Jio for 3 months. After that the Rs. 303 recharge that did will come into effect – so it is like 3 months free + the 303 plan you paid for will start from July.

All the users who already got Jio Prime and also recharged at least one 303 

the users who already got Jio Prime and also recharged at least one 303 or over will get  Reliance Jio Summer Surprise benefit which means April, May and June they can continue using Jio for free – this is kind of happy new year extension. And from July the plans they recharged for will come into effect one by one.

What about those who got prime and recharged 149 plan?

Those who got Jio Prime and recharged for 149, they need to get a minimum 303 plan before April 16th. Because the Reliance Jio Summer Surprise minimum requirement is Rs. 303 plan. If they do not recharge a single 303 they can continue using the 149 plan, they however will not get free 3 months net, so for example April they use 149 and in May they will need to recharge again.

I have taken the Prime subscription and have done the Rs. 149 recharge. Will I be able to get the Summer Surprise offer if I now recharge with Rs. 303 plan or higher?

Yes, you just need to recharge with that plan and you will be eligible to get this Summer surprise offer. It is still a confusion about what will happen to the Rs. 149 recharge that you did, but would you really care about it when everything is going to be free for the next three months?

Every JIO PRIME member, when they make their first paid recharge prior to 15th  April using Jio’s Rs 303 plan (or any higher value plan), will get services for the initial 3 months on a complimentary basis. The paid tariff plan will be applied only in July, after the expiry of the complimentary service. The Jio Summer Surprise is the first of many surprises for JIO PRIME members.

What happens to those subscribers having Multiple Recharges that have been made?

All the recharges that you made will be in queue and will get activated one by one from July onwards (if at least one plan is 303 or over). If you have a 303 or over plan (at least one) you get April, May and June months free usage.

How to Recharge 303 plan on your Jio number

If you want to avail free jio services for three months, you need to recharge with Rs 303 or above. Here is how you can recharge your Jio number.

There are threee ways to Rs 303 plan.

My Jio App
Jio website
Retail Outlets
You can recharge Rs 303 using My Jio app, Jio official website or visit any retail outlet to get your recharge done.

So if you have already recharged Rs 149 plan, you don’ need to worry. Just recharge with Rs 303 now & get free Jio services for next three months.

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