5 Crazy New Inventions You NEED To See #1

5 Crazy New Inventions You NEED To See #1 || In Hindi || क्रेज़ी आविष्कार

Here are The 5 Cazy New Inventions You NEED To See
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Inventions Information Given In This Video Are :-

1. Safety iQ 

The Saver Emergency Breath System is an essential home-safety device designed to prevent smoke inhalation and mobilize an individual in the event of a fire in order to escape safely. Saver filters chemical substances and removes carbon monoxide and toxic gases for up to 5 minutes. Saver is compact and simple to use and can be activated within 5 seconds.

2. TicWatch 2 

Ticwatch 2 is an innovative smartwatch. With sleek design and our unique Ticwear OS, the smartwatch can be beautiful and powerful. Get notification on your wrist, speak to Ticwatch 2 to get an Uber, set reminders or make a call. Want to go for a run? Go, and the watch tracks your steps and heart beats without a phone. So get one, and enjoy the beauty of technology.

3. The Soothe SHIRT & Dad Shirt 

Meet the Soothe Shirt , an all-in-one babywearing shirt that's both a nursing tank for mom and a cozy carrying pouch for baby. It's the easiest way to wear your newborn! 

4. ELF emmit 

Improve focus, sleep, meditation and learning processes, while combating stress by combining ancient traditions and modern technology.

5. Drill Turbine

A new kind of wind turbine. Built in 10,000 mAh Lithium-ion power bank with dual USB charging ports. Two 90 lumens orbital headlights.

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