Use Paytm Without Internet, Smartphone, Just Dial Toll Free Number

Paytm has announced a toll-free number 1800-1800-1234 to enable consumers and merchants without an internet connection to pay and receive money instantly . This will empower millions of non-smartphone users to go cashless even without a smartphone.

Currently over a million offline merchants across India accept Paytm as a payment mode. Paytm is being accepted in taxis, autos, petrol pumps, grocery shops, restaurants, coffee shops, multiplexes, parking, pharmacies, hospitals, kirana shops and more.

This move will offer millions of consumers and merchants across India access to mobile payments. You can now dial 1800 1800 1234 and pay any Paytm customer without an active internet connection.

How to use Paytm without Internet or smartphone?

  • Paytm customers and merchants must set their 4 Digit Paytm PIN on call.
  • you will have to call it from your registered mobile number in order to set your PIN.
  • a voice message letting you know that you'll get a call back to set the PIN.
  • After that, you can make payments using Paytm without Internet and smartphone by calling this number, typing in the phone number of the recipient, then the amount, and finally typing in your PIN for confirmation.

You can  call  at 1800 1800 1234, to set your 4 Digital Paytm PIN and send money without a smartphone or active internet connection.

This move can certainly be a game changer as Paytm is already offering its digital cash services for users to pay in Taxis, Autos, Petrol Pumps, grocery shops, restaurants, multiplex, parking, pharmacies, hospitals, etc.

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