How to hide a drive in Windows 10 / 8

Every One have their some confidential data in their pc / laptop or whatever it is,If you are a Windows user, you would probably know about hiding or locking a folder or file which has confidential data. and there are to many ways you can safe your data from any unwanted excess for some time in free, you don't need to pay for this method. and there are also some paid software which locks your files and folders also.
There are to many ways to secure your data and files/folders. 
We generally, use some folder encryption software to do these tasks. But, if you have many such folders and files, it is not a good idea to lock each and every folder.A better option would be to move all such files and folders which you want to hide or do not want others to know about their existence, to some drive on your PC. Then, hide that entire drive so that it is not visible to anyone.The hidden drive will not be seen in Windows File Explorer, but can be accessed through a Command Prompt or by typing the drive letter in the address bar of Explorer.

In this method i will show you how easily you can hide your Hard Disk Drives Using Disk Management

In Computer Management Console open Storage by double clicking on it.

Now, double-click on Disk Management Snap-in.

Disk Management Console opens up and you can see all drives of your PC

Choose the drive which you want to hide and right click on it. Choose ‘Change Letter and Paths’ and click on Remove button.

If it asks for confirmation, say ‘Yes’. Now, you cannot see the hidden drive in My Computer.

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