These all device are comes with activity tracking, sleeping tracking, food logging, and smart coach but with each successive model has added features.
The jawbone wearable sync to UP app on your i phone or android OS devices and is easy to understand with charts and figures. all three devices are water proof, splash proof.
The UP move priced at Rs 4,999 , tracks your steps, calories burned, distance traveled and your sleeping patterns it also features a smart coach, and it battery is 225 mah that should last you up to 6 months.
The UP 2 and UP 3 comes with led indicators on the band that represent the activity mode, sleep mode, notifications. a feature common to both band is the smart alarm , which in addition to wake you up.
    In UP 3 there is bio impedance sensors which monitor your heart rate and also provide advanced sleeping, REM  , light and deep sleep .
UP 2 is priced at Rs 9,999 and UP 3 is priced at Rs 14,999. Jawbone is exclusively partnership with Amazon for sale .